Friday, September 25, 2009

Having Fun

When you are in the academy you should be enjoying yourself. If you are not then there is something wrong. Even when I am being challenged, stressed, and making mistakes, which is common for all recruits, it is important to always realize that what you are doing is fun.

We are now in week 10 and I have never thought this was anything but fun. I have made mistakes and it hasn’t been easy. Deputy Johnson has put me in situations where I have literally just gone blank or had the answer on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t remember. It happens. Don’t get me wrong, you want to limit those as much as possible, but that is part of the learning experience.

I have always placed a lot of pressure on myself to be successful and have always worked to be perfect. The fact that I do this frustrates me even more when I fail to reach that goal. But when everything is said and done, I still enjoy myself. I still can’t believe I get paid to do this job, go to school, have enjoyable experiences, and gain new knowledge all at the same time. Getting paid to learn is a new experience for me and I am enjoying it immensely.

The point of this is you need to have fun while in the academy. When a recruit feels upset or frustrated most recruits will act as a support system because of their nature. Joking, poking fun at each other is really great and has become almost a mandatory reaction. To explain this, I will use myself as an example. My nickname is “Sunshine.” I got this nickname from an instructor when explaining to our class that everyone was going to work in groups. She looked at one of the recruits and said “You will be working with sunshine over there.” When I looked up, she was pointing at me.

Now I am not admitting why she picked sunshine to describe my attitude or facial expression, but since then, all of the recruits call me by that wonderful nickname. They continuously poke fun at me regarding this “wonderful” moniker. Actually, it been fun and it is important to have a sense of humor while attending the academy. Be able to poke fun at yourself and of course at other people. Learn to hand it out when appropriate and whenever possible. But more importantly, know how to receive it. It makes the camaraderie develop quickly, makes the time pass more quickly, and makes everything a lot of fun.

Till next time…..