Monday, September 28, 2009

Arrest Control

Hi all.

Well it is been a long time since my last entry mostly due to the fact that the recruits have been out of the classroom and working on arrest control, firearms, test and quizzes. I will explain arrest control. We have gone over pressure points and wrist locks to make individuals comply with demands by the officers. We also learned about different kicks and strikes. All of this is done in a safe setting. For those of you who want to prepare for arrest control, Jefferson County Academy uses the FBI arrest control techniques and methods. It has been fun because you work on technique with a partner. After each session I feel like I have been mauled by a bear. That is understandable because our first day I fought the human equivalent of a bear. His nickname is Baloo. I included a picture below. It is fun to go up against different types of people. Everyone has a little different approach and that is what makes it fun and that situation creates new experiences for you.

In this type of fighting, everything we are taught is to gain compliance with an individual. If the individual complies, the pain or strikes will stop. This is very important to know. In addition, this class teaches the force continuum. During this type of training you are taught to recognize what types of force should be used based on what the individual does. This means that the officer does not dictate the type or amount of force that should be used. The individual you are dealing with will dictate the amount of force based on their actions and reactions.

I will keep you posted on the other contact lessons as they come up. An additional high point for this week will be the opportunity for all recruits to experience the OC application (peppered sprayed). I will be writing about this experience once I have managed to remove the materials from my eyes and nose.