Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another week in firearms training is underway. When we first got out on the range I was not doing too well but I worked through it and kept trying. The next time we were out on the range, I really concentrated on what I was doing wrong my first outing. With a few little adjustments I started shooting really well. We ran through a mock firearms qualification. I scored 166, which for only the second time on the range, I was happy with. I need to keep working and improve on these scores. For those of you who are applying or will be going through qualifications for POST, the cut off is 130 and the high score is 180. If you are worried about qualifying, don’t be. The instructors are great, and like with me, will fix your little problems. It is your job however to keep working on what they tell you. Keep in mind when you are on the range to relax and have fun. It is a very enjoyable experience.

I will have more tomorrow.....