Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mock crime scenes

Last week, prior to the Thanksgiving break, we started a new exercise called Mock Crime Scene. The exercise is conducted by the instructors. The instructors and recruits were split into five different groups. The goal is to get the recruits to apply the techniques and knowledge that has been learned throughout the academy. The instructors made everything as realistic as possible. Everyone involved, especially the recruits, proceeded through the exercise as if this was a true crime scene.

All recruits conducted interviews of potential suspects, victims and witnesses, writing search warrants, collecting evidence, and arresting the individuals that were responsible for the crime. Each suspect, victims or witness within the scenario is played by an instructor. Once the investigation was completed, the remainder of the day was spent writing reports and completing all of the paper work necessary to bring the case to trial. On Wednesday, all recruits will attend a mock court dealing with each scenario.

This experience was amazing. There were many mistakes made by all recruits. However the experience gained and what we learned from this exercise is very valuable. As stated, the next step of this exercise is the mock court. We will see how that goes.

Until next time…