Friday, December 4, 2009


This is my last blog. The academy graduation is at the end of this week. I would like to take this opportunity to express to you in a few short statements regarding my overall opinion of the experiences that I have been fortunate to have at this Academy.

This experience has been amazing. If you decide to move into law enforcement and are fortunate to enter the Jefferson County Sheriff Academy, I want to be the first to tell you that you will be challenged in many ways that you have never before experienced. It is very tough mentally and physically. It is difficult, but most important things in life and, especially in law enforcement, are.

The academy staff did a great job in laying the foundation of what is to be a career for all of the recruits at this academy. We by no means know it all. But as we gain experience it is obvious that the foundation that has been created here at the Academy will make us excellent law enforcement officers.

I hope that my entries have encouraged people who were thinking of entering a career in law enforcement to follow their dreams. Being a police officer will be a unique and rewarding career. The individuals with which you will be working are simply the best. I have had a great time, have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. And besides the PT, being maced, tased, being on the receiving end of loud and forceful correction by the various instructors, being put in a constant state of stress, and all the other situations I have been exposed to, I am really looking forward to the experiences I will be gaining in law enforcement, using the information gained in the Academy.

I want to thank all of the instructors and staff involved at the Jefferson County Sheriff Academy for a great experience. I want to thank the recruits for the friendship, the bonds and living to the creed that “Those that go through sh*t together, stick together” that has been created during the last four to five months.

Welcome to the brotherhood of cops. And as was indicated in one of our first classes and described in an earlier blog, we are all sheepdogs at heart and we are the protectors of the innocent.

Congratulations to Academy Class 2009-2