Friday, November 6, 2009

Sexual Assault / Crimes Against Children

This was an 8 hour class and presentation. After sitting through this class, if you are anything like me, you will be depressed, angry and want to take all of the woman who are important to you, to a place that will keep them safe from this element of society. However, it is these types of crimes that determined why I wanted to get involved with law enforcement. This type of crime increases my motivation to be the best I can be. One day I hope to work my way into investigations and this is the type of crime I would want to investigate. Many ask me why this type of crime? The answer is simple: I want to be the person that catches these predators, stop this behavior from happening to innocent women and especially innocent children. I want to be part of the solution that removes individuals like this from everyday society.

The class was very well taught. Discussions of all of the laws relating to these offenses, the elements, the stories and studies related to sexual assault and crimes against children. The most memorable and disturbing are the pictures. Many of the pictures are very graphic causing the sadness, anger and desire to put a stop to this activity. It is a heavy class but very important. You are subjected to information that you cannot imagine an individual doing to another human being including what date rape drugs do to the body and mind and how to identify if drugs were involved. The instructors also showed us how to conduct a preliminary investigation on these crimes and how to document the situation and evidence. I can’t stress how much I learned but you have to prepare yourself for what you are going to be dealing with. Again this class enhanced my desire to be a cop.