Monday, August 3, 2009

PT and Class Work

Week #2 started with our first physical fitness session. It should be explained that the Jefferson County Sheriff Academy physical training does start slow. Meaning, the amount of physical training builds in intensity as the program proceeds. This is good for all the recruits, especially for those that might not have been warned about the role of fitness in the program and have failed to prepare. However, like most recruits already know, if you are thinking about applying with any police department there is a definite need to stay in shape. That was the advice that was given to me prior to entering the academy and that I took that advice seriously. I am passing that advice along to anyone that is interested in pursuing a spot in a police academy. Physical fitness is a very important aspect of your training. It is also important to note if you are going to be applying with the Jefferson County Sheriff or will be attending the Jefferson County Sheriff Academy, there is no flat land to be found in the surrounding area. Therefore, it must be said, whatever can be driven down hill will be used to run up. In this spirit, one should realize in their preparation for the academy, running hills is highly suggested for it will be the main course on the menu at the academy.

The academy instructors have stressed from day one that the importance of staying in shape isn’t for fun any more. Being in good physical shape is looked upon as the difference between going home at night and very possibly not. Being in good physical shape is the essence of being able to take care of yourself and the other officers you will be working with. Each officer relies on having the individuals they are working with being physically able to handle any situation. It is your obligation to be able to do so. This cannot be stressed enough. It will be drilled into all recruits from the fist day and will continue through each individual’s career. It should never be forgotten.

In week one and now in week two, there has been a lot of class work with power point presentations covering a variety of subjects including Criminal Justice Process, Bias and Ethical Policing, Crime Prevention, Stress Management, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Victim Rights. Like with learning anything new, it is important to establish a foundation before you build a house. Each of the presentations is vital to building that foundation which will obviously be needed as one’s career progresses.

Until next week,